Where Should I buy HCG Drops From?


This question puzzled me a lot.

As you know that I chose the HCG diet for my weight loss goal. The HCG diet requires you to purchase HCG drops or HCG injections.

I am afraid of HCG injections. I don’t even get an antibiotic shot coz of my phobia.

therefore, I decided to settle on the HCG drop thing.

I found that there are two types of HCG drops. One is Pure and the other is Homeopathic. As if the confusion wasn’t enough, it is hard to choose the HCG brands as there are many.

Thanks to this website which provides honest HCG drops reviews. They are called HCG Police.

The site is simple and talks to the point.

There is no BS and no one is trying to sell anything over there. Moreover, there isn’t any ad. I wonder how the owners of sites such as this get any profit through such sites.

According to them HCG complex is the best HCG diet drops for weight loss. They have ranked it as #1.

Next to HCG complex is HCG Triumph. And thirdly is NuImage Medical.

I checked all these sites and found that really HCG Complex is the best brand.

let me tell you why.

First of all HCG complex is the cheapest drop over there. HCG triumph costs you $150 and Nuimage Medical costs you $300 while HCG complex is mere $69.

Secondly, there is a buy one get one offer from HCG complex. I am not sure how long the offer will be present. But currently, it seems to be running for the entire month,in case you haven’t noticed
jock itch and exercise go hand in hand and medicine costs money plus the chemicals they contain can also produce various side effects.

Thirdly, HCG complex has a forum where people like me can get support. Moreover Ewing & Ewing an HCG Diet blog recommends HCG Complex.

So, there you have it.

I have just ordered a bottle and received another bottle free. My guess is that I will receive the bottle in this week.

Will update you guys late.