Hi, I Am John M Finan


Hi, My name is John and I am accountant in New York.

There is one simple reason as to why I have started this blog. That is too lose my weight using a journal.

For the past ten years I have been trying to lose weight. Thanks to my efforts, I have lost not more than 2 pounds, in the entire 10 year period!

Once, in the bar,I met a person who seemed to be fit. When chatting occasionally, I happen to mention that staying fit must be easier for him. It was then that he mentioned he too was obese in the last four years

Shocked, I asked him as to how he lost weight and became fit. He mentioned that he had a blog and he asked his users to support him in his weight loss efforts.

ON, his blog he publicly stated his goal of losing weight.

The best part was that even though he had lost the motivation after few weeks, the readers kept him going.

Whenever, he didn’t update his blog about his personal fitness in week, the readers will push him to workout and stick with his diet.

This went on for fours years and eventually he lost weight and became fit.

It was then I realized that why I wasn’t losing weight.

Not that I was not ready to lose weight and workout but because I lacked motivation.

My wife is obese as me and therefore, she is not much of a motivation or inspiration for me.

Now, like the guy I met in the bar, I have decided to start a blog and this the reason behind this blog.

Currently, I am looking at various diet options and will choose a diet program soon.

Of course, I will update everything henceforth.

Any help from you will be appreciated.